Cleaning And Caring For Pearls Naturally

It must be said immediately that the beads should always be cleaned with a gentle cleanser instead of natural cleaning products with ammonia or other cleaning agent for exclusive jewelry always beautiful and brilliant use. The pearls are very sensitive to natural organic substances, unlike the metal and crystalline rocks that make up the majority of jewelry (other exceptions are Ivory – amber and coral, polished wood – if you have something inherited.

But not for natural cleaning products that you reach for most other household cleaners, vinegar. Vinegar is an acid and reacts with alkaline materials. Beads of calcium carbonate, which is an alkaline substance, the vinegar is even worse for the beaded jewelry that commercial cleaning products. Readers will remember the legend associated with Cleopatra, who parodied in Asterix comics. If you have not heard this legend, the story goes that Cleopatra and Mark Antony (maybe – it would Julius Caesar) had a bet that could be one of them across the most complex and costly drive. Cleopatra had pulled out all the stops, but their efforts did not impress Marc Anthony. His answer was his elegant fingers for a cup of vinegar tear, and they quickly moved one of its precious pearl earrings – the pearls were very large and value, according to various sources, 15 provinces – and fell into the vinegar. A little restless (or hundreds), and they drank his health, and immediately won the bet. The moral: Do not be anywhere near Pearl vinegar, and try to not mess with the Roman generals.

The best way, beads, shiny, soft luster that is given to let her sit next to the skin often moved slowly. In other words, the beads at their best when worn frequently. The combination of natural oils in body neck and / or wrist (assuming you have a string of pearls or beads bracelet have) mixed with gentle polishing with a soft substance which is more like fine, but many Suede – your skin, even if Mother Nature and Father Time have left fingerprints on you – is ideal for cleaning pearls. The long and earrings Earrings animal species managed to get enough varnish or oil, and must be worn often.

Pearl rings, however, are another story. This should be kept for special occasions, because the hands are exposed to many substances over neck. Hand washing, for example. Soap is not good for beads and hand sanitizer with alcohol is even worse. Take your ring pearl – carefully – if you wash your hands when you wear a pearl ring have. And you would probably take care of your bracelet, too.

Make sure your necklace and earrings made of chemicals that go neck to protect – namely, moisturizer and perfume. In addition, homemade lotions and perfumes are not good pearls. Put your pearls on last as a finishing touch after your moisturizer, makeup and fragrances.

But sometimes a little dirty pearls and develop the natural oils of the skin can be too much (especially with makeup, skin cells and dirt mixed daily). This dirt must be removed. Water is the only one available, which will not damage beads, so you should wipe your pearls with a soft cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Technically salt water, can be used for saltwater pearls are clean, but the problem is the string that holds together the beads do not like salt water. If dirt is visible, you can scratch it gently with your nails as the nails of the same hardness as pearls, and do not scratch. But caution is the keyword.

Pearls should not be steam cleaned. to avoid other natural household cleaning products and methods of London, baking powder, milk are (too acidic), ultrasonic cleaner and talc. Do not use a toothbrush that is perfect for other jewelry, or an abrasive sponge. Stick to water and a soft, casual bag with a fingernail.

Once you have cleaned your pearls, they should be dried with a soft cloth. Only they pat. Allow to dry thoroughly before, such as silk, they were lined up to stretch when wet. Resist the temptation to dry with a hair dryer in front of the radiator in the oven or sun, because it dries the beads too. Beads should have a moisture content of 2% and they crack when they get too dry. So if you’re a last-minute invitation to a place you want to wear your pearls beads are a little dull looking, resist the temptation to clean in a hurry. Can you turn it off or just wear it anyway.

It’s a good idea to have your pearls restrung periodically by a jeweler, and you can clean the jewelry and precious stones at the same time. He / she knows how.