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13 Online Surveys That Pay Through Paypal

Surveys That Pay Through PayPalWhen it comes to making money online, one of my favorite options is online surveys that pay through PayPal. While I do use sites that pay by other means, such as gift cards or by check, PayPal is typically the fastest option for getting cash.

Below, I have collected a list of sites that either strictly pay through PayPal or have it as an option for you to choose. The list below is in no particular order, but they are all sites that I recommend when it comes to taking surveys. I’ve also included a few sites that I use mostly for paid offers, since that is another great way to earn money online and the pay with Paypal.

13 Online Surveys That Pay Through PayPal

1. My Favorite On The List: Swagbucks

Swagbucks-Logo-2016Swagbucks is one of the paid offer sites that I referred to above. While they do offer surveys, it is their offers section that I have made the most money with.

Swagbucks offers so many ways to make money and different bonuses, that I wrote a huge guide to it that you can see here:

My Swagbucks Review

If you want to start making money right now with Swagbucks, you can join here:

Join Swagbucks

2. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost LogoOpinion Outpost is one of the sites that I have been using the longest when it comes to online surveys. They are a very straightforward site to use. They email you a few surveys a week along with offering surveys in their dashboard.

Not only does Opinion Outpost pays through Paypal, but they have a low minimum cash out at $10 and will pay you instantly. That is something that is very unusual for online survey companies.

To begin earning towards your instant payout, you can join here:

Join Opinion Outpost

3. SurveySpot

surveySpot_logo2SurveySpot is a sister company of Opinion Outpost. They are two distinct survey panels that are both ran by the same market research firm. What this means is that the legitimacy of Opinion Outpost is the same for SurveySpot.

The both offer the same features, but one thing you will see is that sometimes the same survey is posted to both sites. Since you can only take surveys once, you will be immediately screen out of it the second time you open it. Just something to be aware of .

Want to sign up for SurveySpot? You can here:

Join SurveySpot

4. PineCone Research

pinecone-research-big-logoPineCone Research is one of the highest paying survey companies in the industry. However, they are also one of the most exclusive and looking for specific demographics to join.

Don’t let this discourage you, though. There have been visitors of Survey Chris that have signed up and been accepted for PineCone Research.

Since they don’t have a sign up form on their website, you have to find a link to it. Luckily I have one for you.

Use the link that matches your age and sex:

If you’re 18 – 24 year old male use this link: Join PineCone Research

Here is the 18-34 year old UK link: Join PineCone Research

If you don’t fit the demographics above use this link:

Join PineCone Research


MyPoints LogoMyPoints is a mostly a shopping portal that you can go through to buy things online and get points back on them. However, they email you surveys that you can take to earn MyPoints.

If you’d like to start earning MyPoints, you can sign up here:

Join MyPoints

6. iPoll

iPoll logoiPoll used to be called SurveyHead, but rebranded after their mobile app called iPoll became really popular. Along with a great mobile app, they offer plenty of websites in their dashboard for you to earn money with.

iPoll offers a $5 cash bonus for simply signing up. You can sign up here:

Join iPoll

7. Ipsos i-Say

ipsos-isay-review-300x149Ipsos i-Say is one of my favorite survey taking sites. The surveys payout well, there are tons of them to take, and I usually finish them in less time than they estimate.

They also offer a loyalty program, which is always a bonus to come across when looking at online survey sites that pay through PayPal. Simply the more surveys the take, the bigger your bonus at the end of the year.

If you want to earn money on Ipsos i-Say, you can start her:

Join Ipsos i-Say

8. Paid Viewpoint

logo pvpPaid Viewpoint is a website that only pays via PayPal. It is a good website to start out with since it is a well designed website and the surveys are quick and typically interesting.

Paid Viewpoint doesn’t payout very much to begin with, right around $.10 per survey, but the surveys only take about 2 minutes to do. This rate is below what I usually recommend, but Paid Viewpoint has a feature called “TraitScore”.

Your TraitScore on Paid Viewpoint is how specified your demographic is. This means that the more questions you answer, the more the can know your demographic, and the higher your TraitScore becomes. The higher your TraitScore, the more you get paid per question. So while they don’t pay out much in the beginning, they can eventually become one of your highest paying survey companies.

If you want to get paid through PayPal with Paid Viewpoint, you can sign up here:

Join Paid Viewpoint

9. CashCrate

cash crate logoCashCrate is the other site that I like for offers. They have surveys as well, but they don’t payout as much as the other survey sites I recommend. That’s why I stick with the offers for them.

CashCrate is consistently one of my highest earning sites, and I absolutely recommend them.

If you like to sign up, you can do so here:

Join CashCrate

10. YouGov

YouGov LogoYouGov is an international survey taking company. While they do have typical surveys, they also have articles that you can read and give your feedback on.

They focus primarily around current events, so it is a nice change of scene for the consumer based surveys most other companies give out.

You can sign up here:

Join YouGov

11. e-Poll Surveys

epoll_logoe-Poll is another survey site that focuses primarily around one topic. However, their topic is about watching TV. So if you like to watch TV, then give your opinion on shows, this is could be the survey company for you.

The minimum cash out is only $5 as well, which is a nice plus.

Join e-Poll

12. GlobalTestMarket

Global Test Market LogoGlobalTestMarket is another international survey company that works in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. They focus on developing new products and services, so if you take surveys with them, you can sometimes hear about cool upcoming things.

To get started with GlobalTestMarket, click the link below:

Join GlobalTestMarket

13. Mindswarms

MindSwarms LogoI’ve saved on my favorite ones for last. Mindswarms is a video based survey company. This means that you logon onto their website and record your self answering questions about a product or service.

You also have to apply to studies, and sometimes don’t get accepted.

While this sounds like it would be a bad site to use, what makes it one of my favorites is that each survey is 7 questions long and pays $50.

It literally takes less that 20 minutes, and you get paid $50 by PayPal within 24 hours of completion. That has to be one of the highest paying survey I’ve come across.

If you want to start applying to studies, you can sign up here:

Join MindSwarms

So there you have it. My list of the best online surveys paying through PayPal. If you have any questions about surveys, or about any one of these companies, let me know in the comments so I can help.

List updated in 2016

Advertiser Disclosure: We get a commission for some of the links on the blog. The opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners.

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  3. Just an FYI…ipoll charges you 3% to cash out with PayPal.

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  6. I have been doing surveys for many years (almost 20 years with some of the companies). From the list you have above, these are the ones I have the best luck with:

    Paid Viewpoint
    Ipoll (Formerly Surveyhead)

    Don’t waste your time with MindSwarm. I was registered with them for 6 months and applied for many studies and not one did I ever get approved.

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