Enjoy a taste of the American dream with Wrangler jeans

Wrangler Jeans

Some things in life were built to last.

Wrangler jeans were first created in 1946 when the Blue Bell Overall Company hired respected Polish tailor Rodeo Ben to design hard-wearing denim trousers for cowboys.

Many of the design features Rodeo Ben came up with to suit a working cowpoke remain today, including rear pockets positioned for comfort in the saddle, a zipper fly and felled out seams.

America was built on a spirit of adventure and wearing a pair of Wranglers jeans still carries with it a hint of that sense of freedom to this day.

Rather than simply dressing down, Hollywood legend Harrison Ford made a careful choice when he decided to wear Wrangler jeans at his wedding to Calista Flockhart 2010 that would chime with the American public.

Jeans are unusual in that it can be worn by all the generations from schoolkids to pensioners, although we all have our own preferred style and brands.

Wrangler jeans have a dependability that is reflected in both the durability of the denim and the classic cut of their designs.

Younger jeans companies love to add new dimensions, such as twisted seams, a low-riding crotch or large logos, but Wrangler jeans carry themselves with the dignity that suits a veteran. Fashions come and go but these designs will last forever.

WranglerÔÇÖs understanding and love of its history is also reflected in the names of its jeans, including Texas mens stretch jeans, Arizona mens jeans and Ohio comfort fit jeans. It seems the cowboy spirit is still very much alive.

Wrangler mens jeans are also perfect for versatility, suiting a laidback look in combination with a t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls ÔÇô or looking equally at home with a casual smart style in combination with a tucked-in shirt and shoes.

A pair of Wrangler jeans should last you many years, regardless of how active your lifestyle is, but they remain very reasonably priced. This is one brand that will never give you a bum steer.

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